Género: Cuentos y poemas infantiles
Año: 2015

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ISBN: 978-1-291-51358-5
Páginas: 70
Formato: Rústica
Tamaño: 27.94x21.59 cm
Precio: 14 €

Libro impreso: 14
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Cuentos y poesías en inglés para infantil 5 años. Contiene: WHAT A MESS! WHAT CAN WE DO NOW? (School), THE LITTLE BOY CAN’T SLEEP (family), THE TIGER STRIPES FALL DOWN (New Year and toys), MUM, I’VE GOT A HIGH TEMPERATURE! (body and winter), CLOTHES, CLOTHES… TOO MUCH CLOTHES (clothes), AN ADVENTURE AT THE SUPERMARKET (food), THE RABBITS ARE PLAYING WITH THE EASTER EGGS (spring and Easter), A VERY HAPPY CAT (animals), SHARKS BY THE SEA (summer and holiday), DINNER IS READY (Universal Children’s Day), THE GIRAFFE AND THE DALMATIAN (Halloween), THE GOLDFISH (Peace Day).