Género: Ficción moderna y contemporánea
Año: 2015

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ISBN: 978-84-16563-30-2
Páginas: 223
Formato: Rústica
Tamaño: 15x21 cm
Precio: 12 €

Libro impreso: 12
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Under The Bridge is the story of Nicola’s life and death and everything in between. A brilliant but self-conscious red-haired beauty born to mature parents who had a loving but sheltered childhood, her life was from the very beginning a search for change, freedom and adventure. Her most cherished dream ever since she was a little girl was to become a writer, but it was a dream thwarted by chance and circumstances, which reemerged just before her death. When she finished her A-levels, she left her native England for the first time ever to travel around Portugal with her two best friends. It was a trip that would change her life forever...